Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Long Day

We have had a long day, good, but long.  We started at a funeral, checked on three baptismal groups at the temple - the Copenhagen Stake brought all of their youth and then finished by driving  3 1/2  hours to Aarhus for their Stake Conference where we talked in the Saturday night session.  We have now driven 3 1/2 hours home as we are speaking at the Malmo Stake Conference in the morning.
   These are two of our favorite sites on the trip.
 The 18 kilometer or about 12 mile bridge that crosses the ocean between Sjaelland and Fyn, two of the major islands that make up Denmark.  It costs $40 to cross one-way.
   And, this picturesque little lighthouse just as you come across the bridge.  Yes both were taken as we drove along in the car.

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  1. So, that is what the lighthouse looks like not in the winter. :)