Sunday, March 13, 2016

Aarhus Stake Conference

 The Saturday Night Meeting was held in the Aarhus Stake Center.  At the Saturday Night Meetings we know almost everyone there, as they are the ones that come to the temple.  They are always the really dedicated ones.  They had all the previous Stake Presidents talk.  It gave a good sense of the growth and sure foundations of the church here.
This picture was taken last stake conference but they were the ones that participated last night, plus there were  a couple of the wives.  From left to right and in order of service from present to first when the stake was organized in 1978.: Pres.Steen Kreiberg, Kurt Frederiksen, Erik Rudesgaard, Carston Larsen, and Knud Andersen.
 Marianne and Linda Donati  made this wonderful decoration for today's meeting in the Aarhus Muic  Center.  It is a bit fuzzy as I wanted a picture of it before the kids all came up to retrieve the chocolate foiled eggs hidden in it.  I wasn't quite fast enough to get a good shot....
But even after it was ravaged, you get the idea of how wonderful it was.

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