Wednesday, August 31, 2016

St. George and The Dragon

Our grandson, Jake, was taken by the story of St. George and the Dragon since that is what the clock at the Roskilde Cathedral portrays.
 In Stockholm we found additions to the legend and more wonderful statues.

 This statue dates from the 1600's if I remember correctly.  It has antlers, horsehair and precious metals used in it.  The story denotes good(Christ) winning over evil (Satan) and has Catholic ideology involved.

 When Sweden changed to Protestant all of the Catholic images were destroyed.  This one survived because it also represented St. George, (The King) rescuing the princess(Sweden) from the dragon (Denmark).

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ny Boder - High Priest Activity

The Frederiksberg High Priests arranged a tour of Ny Boder, the yellor 17th century military housing close to The Kastelet (and The LIttle Mermaid).  Christian IV who built everything, decided that with the advent of new and more complicated ships, there needed to be better trained sailors.  So he built housing for them.  It has been used continuously and is now under historical protection and presently turned into student housing.  However, if you lived here as a sailor, you can die here.

 We went inside one that has been preserved as a museum with decor from the 1800s.  Originally the apartment was 40 sq. meters but when they needed more they just cut the apartment in half and shared the kitchen, so each family had 20 square meters!  (think  20 square yards.)  The older boys used hammocks hung in the attics and the white chest/bench doubled as a bed. Pretty skinny bed.

 Such a dashing group of navy men.
 Afterward, some of us went to lunch at Dalle Valle, a Danish/Italian sort of buffet.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday - Rest Day

We were grateful to have a day to just rest and catch our breath today.  I did a little shopping and a little laundry.  I did make some lovely truffles out of my left over whipping cream...
And we had a fun Family Night at the Larsens.
 Mordues spent the weekend in Sweden, hence are missing from the picture.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Last CCM

We attended our last Coordinating Council Meeting with Elder and Sister Pilz, our Area Seventy.  The two stake presidents come and the mission president.  But since Pres,. and Sis. O'Bryant are home while he has heart surgery to correct tachycardia, acting Pres. Buxton and Sis, Buxton came.  The O'Bryants will be back the end of next week.  All seems to have gone well and the Buxton will be happy to hand the job back and return to their office couple responsibilities
 Bro. and Sis.Borcherbink were here from Frankfurt training on the Self-Reliance Program.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Aalborg's Annual Temple Trip

 Aalborg Ward came for their Second  Annual Temple Outing this weekend.  It was organized by the bishopric ans they brought over 80 people. The 10 Primary children met with Jim in the waiting room for a few minutes and 30 youth  did baptisms Friday and Saturday. They filled the guest house and also rented a school for the weekend., which is a common practice for large groups. They will hold their Sunday meetings there before driving home.  Many families came and they brought many of their own family names.
 We had a special 2.00 session just for the Aalborg group and afterward Lis Løve and Helgi Andersen were sealed.  She is from Aalborg and many of these friends were there.  We are so pleased for them.
It was a great weekend and I'm sure many people on the other side are very happy to have their work done.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Stockholm's Old City

We are in the temple all day on Friday.  Today it was wonderful to be in the air conditioning since it was over 80 degrees.  However, not much time to be out and about, so some catch up...

Stockholm's Old City is a lovely place to just wander and catch glimpses of little allies and picturesque buildings.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Visiting Teaching

One of the perks of doing visiting teaching here for me is that I can bike out to my sisters.  Tuesday, Este Ringheim my new partner and I went to visit Inge-Lise Søndby.  It was about a 10 mile round trip and we had such a good visit and the exercise was a plus..

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bride and Breskfast

Vanessa and  Fabian Muller from Germany, had a German Marriage license but  realized they needed a Danish Marriage License over the weekend.  Thanks to some very nice people at the Frederiksberg Commune they were able to pick it up today, even though the office was closed before they got there. Jim officiated in his best English with German translation.
 Their guests had to make the four and a half hour  one way drive.  But it was a beautiful warm  day and everyone was happy.

I went visiting teaching this morning to Annn-Marie LIndberg.  Her son was having breakfast before going to school,,,,,,,,,,

Toasted roll with thin chocolate slices.  You have to love a country that uses chocolate for sandwiches.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dance and Dinner

We do line dancing every Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. outside the Family History Center at the church.  Sis. Andersen fit right in and we were looking good....

WE finished the day with dinner at the Kochs.  This is the week we get spoiled with invites out.

 For dessert we had "rød grød med fløde".  Try saying that.  In this picture the red fruit porridge is covered with cream, and so good!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Welcome Dinner

We had all the missionary couples over for dinner and Family Night.
 The Larsens and Mordues (on the left) are the "old ones". The Andersens just arrived and the Ravn-Petersens are our three-month couple from Aarhus. We are certainly grateful for all of their services.
I have put this great individual  hand-towel arrangement up for guests for several occasions.  Tonight, finally someone used them..

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Alborg Visit

We were asked to speak up in Alborg in the Sacrament Meeting today.  We left last night and of course stopped at Langenæs Bakery in Aarhus on the way.
 We can't decide which we like best: the smørkranse or the kanel horns.  So we bought both.

 We stayed with Else and Jan Ladehoff some of our great temple workers.
 Else designs the house, and Jan builds it.  I say designs because they are still adding to it.
The Alborg Chapel is the only one in Denmark that looks like the typical American Meeting House.

The ward has planned a big temple trip for next week.  82 have signed up!  It is always so fun to see our regular patrons and know which ward they belong to.  I do love the people here!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

New Missionaries!

Kaj and Ilene Andersen arrived this morning, safe and sound, They are from Salt Lake,  Kaj was born in Denmark, so he definitely has an advantage with the language.  We are so grateful to have them.  Welcome!

 Welcome to Priorvej 11 3D

Friday, August 19, 2016

People's Lives

One of the things I love most about being in the temple is the people I meet and learning their stories.
This darling girl is working as a Nanny in Berlin.  She served a mission in Arkansas, went back later to visit, after she had signed a contract to come to Germany.  While there she met a boy who had been inactive but was now totally active.  They connected and will be married here in Copenhagen in May, after she has finished her contract and when he comes to pick her up.  They are doing a lot of Facetiming..  Neither have many friends or family that can come to the temple,so this was a good option.
These two Muller brothers were at the England MTC when we were there. Fabian, on the right, is marrying Vanessa next Wednesday and she came today to receive her own endowment.  They are from Germany and invited us to the reception the night before.  I think we will pass on the 8 hour round-trip and settle for a piece of cake they have promised to bring.
Rebecca, their younger sister also received her endowment today.  Her boyfriend was there to support her.......
   We also had a mom and dad, grandma and daughter from Hawaii who are living in Germany for a couple of years come for the last session.
   Noreen and Pete Petersen, friends from Salt Lake, were here yesterday on their way to a Baltic Cruise.  They will begin a year mission in Nauvoo in October.
   A cute young mother came while her husband tended their 15 month-old.  She is a traveling nurse and he is in finance.  They quit their jobs in Texas to travel for a few months, before they add to their family.. They will go back when the money runs out. Apparently both have good education and opportunities wherever they want.  They just need to decide where they want to settle.
       It is always so fun to see who comes through the door.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


After a quick trip to Tallin, Estonia, Chris and family took an overnight ferry from Helsinki to Stockholm.  I flew up and met them for a day.  Stockholm is really a beautiful city.  I had seen it in the winter but was glad to visit it again in the summer.

 Stockholm is built on islands with lots of water.
We climbed the City Building tower and enjoyed some wonderful views of the city.

The Old City was our favorite.  More pictures, later.