Sunday, May 31, 2015

Meal Fun

Last night after a Church History Tour (material for another day), most on the tour went to dinner at our favorite, actually, only restaurant, The Dalaman.  It was a good meal and everyone enjoyed it..until 11.30 pm!  We didn't start until 8.30, but that is still late for we old folks.

 Sko! to good company

        Today after church we had a Faelles Spisning - common meal.  Everyone brought something and it was delicious and fun to mingle.
 Amazing to see what people came up with that could be ready right after church.  We ran home and picked ours up, but many could not and really planned ahead well.  There was a good attendance.

Saturday, May 30, 2015


Today was one of the busiest days we have had in the temple.  We had a bus load of members from Hamburg, Germany and a bus load come from Goteborg, Sweden.  They both brought their youth to do baptisms and then both stayed for two endowment sessions. We added a 2 p.m. session to accommodate their schedules.  It was delightful to meet everyone and have the temple so busy.
  This young man came from Sweden to receive his own endowments in preparation for his mission to So. London.  His brother ,who is also going on a mission, wanted an English- speaking, but is going to Taiwan where his mother is from. His parents met in Italy many years ago.
      We had several American visitors today, among who was C.C.A. Christensen's ggranddaghter which also made her Seymour and Iva Christensen's granddaughter.  Seymour and Iva were some of my parent's best friends in Ephraim and I remember them well. It was a sweet little bit of memory.
    We also meet the Proctors tonight on a Church History tour Jesper Poulsen had put together. Maureen's father, Joel Jensen gave me my first job teaching school in Granite School District.  He was the Superintendent of Jordan School District. Her brother, Dave Jensen, lives in our ward in Holladay. There daughter is at Oxford for a couple of years so came along for the visit.   A fun day of connections.


Friday, May 29, 2015

Outdoors in the City

On my adventuring on Tuesday I came across some great helps to living in a small apartment in the city.
 On the left is a beautiful shopping center on the waterfront.

 A major outdoor sports complex including these sand volleyball courts.
 Soccer courts
 Garden homes "subdivisions". Very small homes with a yard to plant and play in.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mindelunden - The Memorial Park

At least once a week I love to go out adventuring on my bike.  Tuesday I rode out to Mindelunden,  The Memorial Park to the Danish Resistance.  I was out there in the spring but wanted to go back and see it in the summer green.  It was beautiful and so peaceful. 
 It is located on the execution and burial site for those involved in the Danish Resistance. 199 bodies were originally found. 91 were returned to their home cities and the rest buried where they were found.
Quiet paths to wander..

 This area has the graves of those that died in concentration camps and they could identify and bring home.  The big marker in the center is for all those they never could find.
The execution posts.  The plaque is where the executioners stood.
When the spot was dedicated they quoted the Old Testament, "take off your shoes because here you stand on holy ground."

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

MORE Pipe work

They knocked on our door at 7:30 this morning to come in and put water meters in our bathroom and kitchen.  Fridge came out for most of the day.

                Bathroom cupboard emptied  ...
       AGAIN. (we emptied it last week to have the electrical wires behind  fixed )                                

I assume they have a way to read this without taking everything apart again!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bird's Eye View

Living on the 4th floor gives you a good bird's eye view of the neighborhood.  This is what was going on today.
   Bro. Ilskov who is substituting for Allan, our engineer, replaced the window lights in the temple with LED lights, They have to be done from the outside. We are so happy as they should now last for 10 years.  Allan's wife, Amber, delivered an 8 and a half pound baby boy last week and Allan is taking the usual 2 week paternity leave.

 Bro. Ilskov used a cherry picker, but this one is being used for work on our building.  Since most of the apartment buildings are 50-100 years old, they require a lot of maintenance.  Right now they are scraping off rust on the railings and repainting.
This tour bus stopped at OUR Temple Square and we watched everyone get out and take pictures.  I assume it was a cruise group.

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Swan Family

 Last Spring I kept track of a mother swan on her nest and followed the new little signets.  This year there was a mother swan on the next lake on the other side. I wonder if it is the same one.  We discovered her just weeks ago.  I have been down a couple of times to check on her.

Saturday I was down and this is what I found.
 Six new little signets. Unfortunately, one egg didn't make it, but the nosey neighbor seems to be checking on things.
 After a refreshing swim, everyone came back home. It was a riot to see everyone fluffing their feathers...or down.

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Another religious holiday for Denmark today - Pinse.  It celebrates the Holy Ghost coming to the apostles. It is celebrated 7 weeks after Easter to make it on a Sunday, but they also celebrate Second Pinse Day tomorrow which is the actual 50 days and a good day to take off work.......We had some great talks in Sacrament Meeting about the Holy Ghost today.
  Jim celebrated by going to a CCM (Coordinating Council Meeting) with our new Area Authority, Elder Pilz from Germany. It includes the Danish stake presidents, mission president and temple president. They met downtown in the YSA building which was in the middle of the Copenhagen Marathon route today. So I drove Jim and President Sederholm down and snapped these pictures of people lining up to watch it and hour before.
 It was a perfect day for running.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

New Arrivals

 We were very slim on workers again today as this is Pense Holiday.  However, we had a good baptism and had lots of ordinances.  It always works out.
     Sis. Hamblin, Pres and Sis. Sederholm, and  the Thornes  came with these two new couples who are going to Iceland to serve.  They had a three day stop here to see Copenhagen , visit the temple and meet their mission president. A wonderful adventure ahead for them.

Friday, May 22, 2015


These four, the Hunters, came to the temple last Saturday and today.  In the week  between they biked 125 miles around Sjaelland. They went to Kronborg Castle and across to Helsingborg for a couple hours.  Next day they went to Hellerod to the Frederiksberg Castle, and the next day to Roskilde. Then back to Copenhagen. They said it was wonderful to bike along all the bike paths and see the beautiful scenery. One couple is from California and the other from Orem.
Four was also the number of sister temple workers we had on both sessions - combined - plus the coordinators.  But as usual, the Lord makes it work. The presidency stepped in and we had plenty of patrons so got a lot of work done anyway. Amazing what you can do with just 4.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


I caught this picture of them cleaning the temple windows.  They were up much higher on their cherry picker machine.    Many people here have contracts to have their windows cleaned every so often. I need someone to come and do the outside of my 4th story kitchen window. I wonder if that is in a contract somewhere.
And speaking of Windows...the internet was out at the temple for most of the afternoon.  You can imagine the frustration and concern.  We finally had to have a technician from the internet company come into the temple, under close supervision.  He did see a few of us dressed in white. Wonder what he thought about it.
    Speaking of strange thinking.  We had to ask two girls who were sitting up against the front door of the temple smoking to leave....Apparently they couldn't read the No Smoking signs around....

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Around the Neighborhood

I should have been on top of it and taken pictures of the new sidewalk as it was put in around the corner in  front of Aldi our closest grocery store....It really is as close as some people's food storage rooms.  They first pulled everything out, put in a new base of sand, laid the new big pavers and the little fill-in square stones.  They covered everything with a layer of sand that works its way down and fills in the cracks.  It is certainly nice.  Wonder how they get it so even.
Aldi is a very small store, only two aisles, but gets at least two and sometimes three big trucks delivering every day.  I wait until the truck comes in to get good bananas.
I think I really took this because I was so excited about the green on the trees.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Senior Missionaries at Knudsens

It was the monthly dinner at Knudsens' tonight.  There are so many missionaries in the area they now have a dinner for the senior missionaries and then one for the young missionaries.  Tonight there were 18 including President and Sister Sederholm.  They included the temple missionaries, office missionaries and record preservation missionaries. I biked out and back and both times arrived before those who took the bus and train.  Irma and Jorgen Warnsdorf come as they are missionaries in the mission office.

Monday, May 18, 2015


Interesting things going on in Copenhagen today I came across in my bike ride through the city.
  A peace march about pressuring the UN to publish a  report  of genocide and war crimes in Sri Lanka.
 The Giffion Fountain has been turned on.
 15 buses lined up at the Little Mermaid
She will definitely not be lonesome for the next few months.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Music and the Spoken Word

For years there has been a tradition of Sunday Night musical programs dubbed "Music and the Spoken Word."  It may have started when some super talented missionaries arrived, but now the wards can carry it themselves with exceptional talent, but they also use the talented missionaries.
  It was a delightful evening including delicious refreshments.

 They ran background pictures and silent videos with the various numbers. Freddie Christensen.
 Thomas Kofod, my favorite.
 Lis Loeve (Steffensen) Andersen  was lovely with a guitar accompaniment.

The Leit Brothers, plus new son-in-law, Troy Leininger, and Freddie Christensen. You might guess that Charlotte Leit (one of the wives) was in charge of the program.
Several wards had groups.  The missionaries made up a large portion of this group from Gladsaxe 1.
Missionaries that come with musical experience are so appreciated.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Garden Houses

We were out of the temple early enough for me to get in a good bike ride before it rained. I came across this darling street of summer houses.  They are very tiny and I'm not even sure have plumbing, but a fine place to get out and work in the dirt and grow things.