Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Home and Garden Show

Trudy Larsen and I went to the Annual Home and Garden Expo at the Frederiksberg Gardens.  It was  fun and beautiful.  The tents and goods were in  among the flowers and planned garden areas.
There was so much to look at. Lots of hand made arts and crafts.  Here are just a sampling of what  caught our attention.
 Wood. All of these and the bike too are made out of wood.  WE also saw wooden hairbows and bowties..
 These darling hanging decorations were made of of anything little and strung together between beads. I will definitely be doing this.  We bought a few segments to get started with.
 These chairs were so eye-catching and fun.
We could have used more time, but needed to get back to go to work at the temple.  Just as well, no doubt saved money.

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