Saturday, February 1, 2014

Wedding 2

We do not have the abundance of weddings that many temples do. So it is unusual to have two in the same week.  But this was the week.  Our wedding today was a couple who met on their missions in Greece. She is from Germany and he is from Denmark. It seems there are many missionaries called from Denmark to Greece.  The queen of Denmark's little sister married the king of Greece, he has since been deposed.  I'm not sure how much success they have in the church but I can think of lots of marriages that have come out of the mission.
Besides the snow, this wedding had a lot of American touches.  The bridesmaids all showed up in variations of the same color and if you look closely, you can see bubbles being blown.
 One of the bridesmaids and her husband work at the England MTC and we know the from there....small world.

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