Monday, December 7, 2015

Dinner at Lis Loeve and Helgi's

Lis Loeve (Steffensen) invited the temple missionaries to dinner tonight out in Roskilde.  It was a traditional Christmas Dinner with flaeskesteg, duke,  browned potatoes, white potatoes and sauce, red cabbage and ris a'lamand.  Many more dinners like this and we will be waddling.
 Helgi, Lis' husband, drove all the way into Copenhagen and picked up 4 of the missionaries and we took the other two.  It also meant he had to drive them back to Copenhagen at 10.30 pm and back the 30 miles to their home.  Such nice people.
Lis had so many cute Christmas decorations and lots of candles.  It was very cozy (hyggelig)

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