Friday, January 8, 2016

Finding the Truth

We have had two experience this week where people contacted the temple wanting to join the church or find the missionaries to teach them.
 Two night ago a fine young man from Ghana, came in and said he had been to our church, but wasn't a member.  I asked him if he was looking for the missionaries and he said yes and gave me all of his contact information.
  Today, the temple got a phone call from a woman who said Sir.....had told her to find our church and join.  She wants to go to church on Sunday.  I think we also received an email from her trying to find the church.  All of this information we passed on to these two darling missionaries in our area,who were waiting for us when he left the temple tonight.  Pray they can make the connection and help  those seeking the truth.  The Lord really does prepare people to find the truth.

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