Saturday, January 16, 2016

Holiday Board

The Frederiksberg High Priests hold their annual Holiday Board (Christmas Dinner) in January to avoid all the December activities. It is a traditional set up.  You eat the fish dishes first. These and all else are eaten with dark bread.  I did manage the curried herring, smoked salmon, fried filet and shrimp.
Then you go back for the main meats: boiled ham, fleskestaege, liver postei, beef, rollerpolser,  There were hard boiled eggs and all sorts of condiments plus red cabbage, beets and dried fried onions.

 Kudos to these cooks

We came in force from the temple including Larsens and Mordues who just arrived.

 We all brought small gifts and played the dice game to choose and steal gifts. The third course followed with sliced peppers, fruit in whipped cream, grapes, cheese, crackers, dates and olives.  It was a very pleasant evening
I remember the first one of these we went to two years ago.  I kept wondering where the potatoes and gravy were.  Not part of the tradition....

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