Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Running With the Knights

The temple is closed for three weeks and we are off and running.

Our daughter, Julie and her husband and family are here for a week and we are busy,,,,,,The blog may only get a few additions for a while.

Following are some of the fun things we have been doing.

James and Josh the two oldest boys did baptisms for the dead.
 JIm and I spoke in the Skive Branch
 WE visited Family History sites in Farstrup and Stavn and climbed this lighthouse in the middle of a blowing sand dune.  I don't know if it was fun, but it was an adventure.
Monday was Skagen, the most northern tip of Denmark where the Baltic and North Seas meet.  MOre Wind.

However, the wind worked well for us on the island of Fano where we tried Blowcarting.  I was a passenger with Julie who did a great job.  It was fun and in the summer  would be fabulous with warmer weather and the wind blowing along the beach instead of into the ocean.....


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