Sunday, April 24, 2016

Stake Conference

Julie and Randy left at 8 this morning and we went to Stake Conference. It is our last Stake Conference in the Copenhagen Stake and was on missionary work so we were not on the speaking docket.  However, last night they asked us to bear our testimonies today and then leaned over and said, they needed to hear from us as the next two speakers last night as the mission president was ill.   I used my best Danglish, which I'm sure wasn't great, but people were very nice.  I do love these Danish Saints.  We know most of them well as they come to the temple and we meet them there. 

 This afternoon we drove over the bridge to Odense to talk to the YSA about the temple and preparing to go to the temple.
   The clouds and weather were crazy.  We started in sun, went through a snow storm and ended up in sun again.

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