Friday, April 15, 2016

Temple Today

This darling couple received their own endowments tonight in preparation for being sealed tomorrow morning.  They are from Albania and were converted here in Denmark 14 months ago. The wife can communicate some in English, but the brother not much in English or Danish.  Fortunately, Sarah Leit Leininger went on her mission to Albania and was here to help with all the translating.  The Lord always prepares a way.
The other fun thing in the temple was to have our two grandsons, James and Josh be baptized for the dead by their father in Spanish, his mission language and English and Jim did a few in Danish They arrived from the States at 3 pm and were in the temple by 6.30. Julie, our daughter, also took advantage of the unique situation and was baptized as well.  A sweet experience.
 There will be plenty pictures of them and the rest of their family in the next few days.

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