Tuesday, July 19, 2016


It is funny the things you miss living in the city.  Today I went visiting teaching and had to stop to take a picture of the newly mown grass.

 We had our monthly senior missionary dinner at Knudsens, but there were only the temple missionaries as the rest are at a Seniors' Conference.  A cozy group of 12.

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  1. This post makes me sad for you that you are coming to the end of your mission. I feel the same way when I see/smell fresh cut grass because it reminds me of Utah. I love where we are, and I just know you love where you are and all those people around your table - you are living the dream. I was just assigned an elderly lady to visit teach - she has a walker and is fairly hunched over and can't get to church by 8:30 because her digestive system isn't up and going yet. Her son is a friend of ours who came to check a leak in our roof (argh) and I mentioned I was now her visiting teacher. He said how frustrated he is with her and said she is only 71! She just sort of gave up when her husband died. It really made me think what wonderful, useful things you are doing. Definitely something for me to look forward to once all these little kids are grown and I have a lot of life left to serve. Sorry - that was long and it all came from a picture of freshly mowed grass.