Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Saturday on Wednesday

Saturdays are often busy, unpredictable and full of surprises.  Today was the same, busy and lots of fun surprises.
 We had an early 2 pm session as a culmination to the Senior Missionary Conference.
The couples came from all of Denmark, Iceland and Bornholm. A group of YSA from Iceland  came with Elder and Sister Michaelsen.  They are spending time in the temple and then going on to Festinord..(Big YSA Convention), next week. So with them and a mother and father bringing their son for the first time we had a nice baptism.
The Helsingborg, Sweden Relief Society Sisters came over for the evening as well.  Which meant we had two good sessions and three sealing sessions.  To top it off we had a sister come to receive her own endowments prior to her mission.  Sis. Mielsoe, who comes every Wednesday, was amazed as last week she was practically by herself.  The temple is always full of wonderful surprises.

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