Friday, July 1, 2016

Return of the Giants

Dee and Kay Jacobs were the first president(s) the Copenhagen Temple. They were in charge of  the dedication and getting it up and running in 2004.  Dee had also served as the mission president  years earlier here in Denmark.  They have been giants for the church here in Denmark and are our good friends and mentors as we have followed in their steps.
 They stopped for a quick visit after a lovely cruise from Prague to Berlin.  Some of the members put together a little open house after their temple visit.  But since we were in the temple, they came over after the temple closed.
They were good friends with Jana and Nilla Amanda (two doors down)  It was a happy reunion.
Kay did a fabulous  job of decorating and setting up  the missionary apartments.  I am regularly grateful for her good taste, input, and foresight. 

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