Sunday, September 25, 2016

Aarhus Stake Conference

We had to leave the temple early yesterday to get to the Aarhus Stake Conference for the 5 pm session.  We were reluctant to leave as it was a huge, wonderful day.  It was Malmo Stake's Temple Day and a busload came from Gotteborg, Sweden.  We had four sessions, starting every hour and 15 minutes.  It went like clockwork and everyone had a good experience.  On top of that they had to close the temple down for our two week cleaning closure.  Thanks to all who stayed and finished up!

  We, however,  arrived in time to stop at the Langenæs Bakery for rhubarb kanel horns and smørekage.
 The Stake collected food for refugees. They are working with a refugee organization.  Each refugee will be able to fill a plastic bag full for 20 kroner.  Then the money collected will be used to provide a common meal for the refugees.
 And still more..

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