Saturday, September 10, 2016

Royal Reception

We were invited to Malena and Josh's reception tonight at this wonderful castle in southern Sweden about and hour and a half away.  It is located right in the middle of the area my Swedish Ancestors came from around Billinge.

 In truth, we didn't go into the castle as the duke still lives there, but we held the party in the 400 year old grain storage
 These are all REAL candles in the ceiling wreaths and around the room.
 You could tell who were from Josh's family.  True to British Style, they were all decked out in their finest hats.
We left early after a big day at the temple.  The YSA had Golden Days with kids from all over Europe.  We had 49 on our 10.00 session (largest ever) and 20 plus in baptisms. Such darling young men and women. It's too bad they can't just do the Grand March and pair up with each other......

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