Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Cousins" Visit

Sherri, Diane and Julie my first cousins, once removed, have been in Denmark for a couple of days and we have had such a good time together.
 Yesterday We drove around in the car. They saw the temple and we went to Frederiksborg Castle
 They have finally finished the next exhibit in this room.  King Christian V's throne.
They loved the garden.
 Today we biked all over Copenhagen from Kristina out to Our Savior's church (the church with the stairs on the outside.)
They turned their bikes in and we, of course, went to see the Christus.
 A special find was this courtyard and buildings which at one time housed the King's home for poor boys.  CCA Christensen, the noted Mormon Artist that recorded the pioneer trek west in large murals, stayed here as his mother didn't have the means to support him.  His artistic talent was noticed by some of the women and he was allowed to go to the Royal Academy of Art where he was an associate of Carl Block.  He is the girls' great great grandfather.
I left them at Tivoli.  They are flying to Norway in the morning.  It was a fun time for their first European adventure.

I loved biking through Copenhagen and showing it off.

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