Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hanging In

One of my blogs told the story of Phihsai, one of our great sisters who has submitted hundreds if not thousands of Chinese names of her ancestors.  She and her husband have come regularly to the temple until her cancer returned and she has had most of her nonessential organs removed.  It has been a slow recovery and she is still just buying time, but she has been to the temple twice in the last week.  She made it to the special Roskilde-Frederiksberg Session tonight.
 She is a real inspiration and okay with whatever the Lord has in store for her.
 I loved that the sisters were all sitting eating and the brothers munching  around the table.
 The Popes are from East Millcreek in Salt Lake, but live and work in Abu Dhabi.  Another case of letting the Lord direct your life.

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