Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Not As Bad As Knee Surgery..

Jim's comment in the recovery room: "It's not as bad as knee surgery."  It's a unique experience for him to be able to move after surgery with such little pain.  There were only two bypasses, one vein came from the chest and one from his leg, though the vein from the left leg wasn't usable so they had to open the right one....
They had him stand while they put clean sheets on his bed....pretty good just five hours out of surgery.
There is a drain taking the blood away from the surgery site. It goes through a filter and then is transfused right back into him, so he only gets his own blood back, Brilliant!
I sat in the waiting room with this dear family from the Faroe Islands.  The father is in for a third surgery to "unstick" his heart from the surrounding tissues.  I'm sure it is more than that, but it was touch and go. After I found I had been in the wrong waiting room for 90 minutes,  I left them with a little positive news and hope again.  The daughter is an international trend-setting hairstylist.

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