Tuesday, November 1, 2016

This Was Not The Day We Were Expecting!

Life can change in seconds.  This morning at 4.30 a.m. as we were at the check in counter, putting our baggage on the conveyor belt, Jim collapsed.  There was immediate help from doctors who were passengers on their way to flights, the Security Team and the Paramedics.  

 It was a pretty scary morning but I recognize the miracle of where and when it happened.  There is not another place we could have received such fast, skilled help. Another hour we would have been on a plane with not such good results.  The security helper at the airport said they see this more than you would expect.
 Thanks to  CPR a heart defibrillator, and skilled professionals, Jim is resting peacefully in the ICU at Gentofte Hospital  tonight.
And many, many thanks to Jesper Paulsen, our temple recorder, who came at 6.30 a.m. with his son Sebastian to give Jim a priesthood blessing and then stayed all day with me to help with the translation and for moral support.
Other people have been so kind, the Mordues for dinner and Sonne the Security Person at the airport who took care of all of our luggage and delivered it back to 4C on Priorvej until we know what is going on.   We feel very blessed tonight.

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  1. Janet - all of us in Holladay are praying for you and Jim. Truly a miracle that you weren't on the plane. Love, Rysers