Monday, November 14, 2016


Jim had his Eco-cardiogram today and some physical therapy instructions and was moved back to the Gentofte Hospital tonight.  He traveled in style and this time I was able to sit with him in the back of the ambulance...without the sirens.
This was his hospital room at Ryshospitalet, but we are glad to be back at Gentofte, It just feels more friendly and cosy and he has his own room for a few days.
Henrik, his roommate, left earlier in the day, after receiving the bad news that he has to come back and do it all over again as they found a small hole in his heart they missed and will need to patch.  They wanted him to stay and do it tomorrow, but he couldn't do it.  He wanted to go home to his wife and son for a few days.  We were so sad for him and promised to put him in our prayers.

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