Sunday, November 6, 2016

Recognizing More Tender Mercies

The obvious miracle of the whole heart attack was that it happened in the airport in the middle of the hall and that there was immediate, capable help.  And that it didn't happen 15 minutes before in the deserted hotel at 4.00 a.m or two hours later on the plan or even 6 hours later crossing the Atlantic.
But today I realized another wonderful tender mercy:  the tremendous support group and love we have here among the saints.  I probably know more people here than I do at home......
It was stake conference here today and they announced our change of plans, prayed for us, and asked people to remember us in their prayers.  Such an outpouring of love as people came up to give me a hug and offer help
 Jim also received an outpouring  as visitors came all afternoon.  The Buurs drove all the way back and forth from Espberg!
 And such lovely treats they brought!

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