Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

 We have had a lovely Christmas Eve with the Jens and Susanna Andersen Family.  We spent out last Christmas in Denmark in 2006 with them as well.  We had a wonderful traditional dinner with flaeskesteg, and duck, red cabbage, potatoes and sauce and browned(carmalised) potatoes, finishing off with my favorite ris'/laman.
   After dinner, we read the Christmas Story and then danced around the Christmas Tree which really is such a fun tradition except that the tree has to be in the middle of the floor.  A little awkward if you put it up right after Thanksgiving. Yes there were 18 real candles burning as we danced and presents were open.
 The duck is on the left of the plate and the lighter to the right is the pork. The duck  legs were wrapped for easy holding while eating.
               Lighting the candles. You will note the branches are very far apart and the candles placed in exactly the right places not to touch anything else. And yes, there was a bucket of water handy.
 There are certain songs they always sing as they dance around the tree and each verse they change directions. The littlest granddaughter loved going around the tree and sang at the top of her lungs, no words just sound.  So cute.

All presents were handed out and opened tonight. Tomorrow everyone will just relax and enjoy the family time together.
     Delicious cookies and candy many with marzipan , a Danish Favorite, were brought out to add to our caloric intake.
The candles burned themselves out on the tree.  The candle holders never allow the fire well away from the  tree.  The candles went out and we came home having  had a delightful, memorable Danish Christmas.

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