Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturday Holiday in the Temple

Besides the lovely wedding today we had several visitors on their Holiday Trips stop for a session. We had the Mead family originally from Wyoming.  They took turns coming to the temple so one could stay with the kids.  They were delightful to talk to. They have lived in Texas, New Mexico, Alaska and now Norway.  He works in gas and oil .  They have three children 9 to 3 and have moved all over the world no doubt helping the church grow wherever they have been.  One of her Laurels in Alaska was one of the Filipino Sister missionaries that survived the flooding.  You can find out so many interesting things visiting with people.

  We go out for dinner with the other missionary couples on Saturday afternoons.  Today we passed by this amazing plant.  It was growing in a square foot of dirt.  We went to a Mexican taco buffet, not bad.  I don't remember there being so much Mexican food when we were here 8 years ago. Interesting to see the added influences to the culture.

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