Sunday, December 29, 2013

What Will I Remember

 I've been thinking about this blog and have decided it would be nice to post something I would like to remember about each day sort of an auxiliary memory bank.  Which brings the question, is there something in every day worth remembering?  We will see.

    Today was Sunday and I would like to remember that in our English Sunday School Class there was a great discussion on faith.  It was led by a sister from Uganda,  and those who participated were from Germany, Norway, Brazil, Denmark, Nigeria and America.  Our understanding of Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ was the same and it was great to share experiences and thoughts.  One older single sister shared how she had just about left the church over the policy that two elders could not visit her alone.   She couldn't understand it.  The mission president came with the elders and she said suddenly the light shone in and it is no longer a problem for her.  I don't think it was the problem per se but the experience she needed to go through to learn to obey the prophet and commandments even if you don't fully understand them.  As Elder Holland said:  We need to doubt our doubts before our faith.

   But since I didn't take a picture of the class, I will share something else I will also remember -my favorite Danish meal accompaniments: pickled beets. Today we also had homemade  cinnamon spiced apples and the  unique danish pickles. We could eat the beets with every meal.  They are so good and so inexpensive here.  A big bottle is just $1.

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