Monday, December 23, 2013

Little Christmas Eve

  Denmark has many wonderful Christmas Traditions. The Christmas Celebration really begins on December 23, Little Christmas Eve.
  Tonight the missionaries in our ward were invited to  T. Poulsens for a traditional 23rd party.  The food was "Porridge Rice" which is cooked in milk and left to finish cooking wrapped up and put in the feather bed for 3 additional hours after the 20 minute cook time,  It is then served warm with a nice dob of pure butter and cinnamon/sugar.  It was fabulous.  I can see this could be one of the traditions I bring home.  There are chopped almonds mixed in and one whole one.  Whoever finds the whole one gets a prize, tonight it was the traditional marzipan pig.
    After eating, we sang Christmas Carols and then read the Christmas Story from the

     Perhaps you can see the thin candles on the table.  Each couple were assigned one and they were all lite at the same time and burned throughout the evening.  The couple whose candle went out last got a prize.
We came in Silver.
      We had each brought a 20K ($4) gift and we played a game to pick the gift.  If you rolled a 1 you took a gift.  After all the gifts were taken, a timer was set and we sent the dice around the table again.  Actually there were two dice which made it faster and more fun., If you got a one you could take a gift until the bell rang.  At the end those who had multiple gifts were kind enough to share with those who didn't have any.  It was a fun way to distribute the gifts. As we did this we munched on cookies and tangerines.

 Note the three real lighted candles on the tree.

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