Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Magnificent Day!

    Today was a great success even though the adversary tried to thwart things.  The wind blew all night and closed the bridge between Sweden and Denmark plus there were some terrible storms in some of the areas of Sweden and some of our sisters were unable to come.  A carload  did manage for the second part of the day so  there were more than 55 that made it.
     Our temple workers were fabulous and every time someone didn't show up they were able to make changes to cover it. They all earned their heavenly blessings today.  Jim and I set things in action and everyone carried on magnificently.  Our two new endowments had great experiences as did the sisters plus the high priest group and the wedding was lovely.  It really was a wonderful day.
    Afterward I joined the Swedish Sisters for their lunch and a little meeting.  Four sisters bore sweet, and inspiring testimonies of their temple experience and then I talked for a few minutes.  It was a special meeting thanks to the spirit.
When this stake Relief Society Presidency came in 4 years ago they had 10 sisters come to the temple for this event.  The Stake has caught fire and understands the strength and blessings from temple attendance and keeping their covenants.  You can feel it in their meetings.

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