Tuesday, March 18, 2014

To Celebrate

Our language test is over!  It took 30 minutes and I think I probably passed.  You only have to get 70 percent.  I missed several for sure, but hopefully not too many.  There were are a lot of things they taught you about the Danish Culture. Some interesting things they emphasized.   You are free to control yourself.  No one can tell you what to wear or whom to marry or what to believe.(addressing some Middle Eastern Cultures, I think) You can criticize anyone or anything in the newspapers and there is no discrimination for race, sex or religion.  Everyone is expected to have a job and continually educate themselves.  Tax is about 40 percent and  covers education, through university, health care and care for all those who can't care for themselves.  18 year olds are expected to be independent and rarely do several generations live in the same house.  There is help for anyone old or sick.  It is a Christian Country and most belong to the Folkekirke, but most do not attend.  It is a democratic nation and has a parliament (folketing) and a constitution since 1849 allowing many freedoms, including religion, which was one of the reasons the missionaries could come here so early
   Tonight we went to the Knudsen's for their monthly dinner. They have been having the missionaries for 30 years and her mother did it before her.  It was delicious curry sauce over rice and roast.  Chocolate mousse for dessert.  Always excellent and something different. A good way to celebrate.
This is the view from the Knudsen's window. The S Tog is Copenhagen's train system.  The bike means you can take your bike on this car.

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  1. The best part of their country is that everyone should be employed and continue to educate themselves!