Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

The day started with a lovely surprise birthday visit from the ladies in our Danish language lunch group: Pam Hoge, Kayla Hansen and Metter Paulsen plus her husband Jesper.  They brought a wonderful Birthday basket and goodies and gifts from American which the Paulsen's daughter brought back with her.  Thanks to Sarah and all those who sent the gifts.

It was a beautiful clear, but cold day as we spent the afternoon in Tivoli.

 The Hoges, one of the temple missionary couples and good friends took the two boys home while the rest of us went to see "The Nutcracker Ballet" at the Tivoli Concert Hall.
The Queen had designed the costumes and scenery and came with her whole family tonight.  Nice of her to help celebrate my birthday.                
 Not a great picture, but proves the point. The Crown Prince and Mary and their 4 children sat next to her. It appeared there were also extended family, a whole row.  The audience did stand up when she came in. "The Nutcracker" was abridged and perfect for a younger audience, but it definitely had a Danish bent to it, like a backdrop of Tivoli and the traditional Tivoli Harlequin and Mime as part of the show.
There is an aquarium on the lower floor of the concert hall and this is the resident octopus with his admirers...
    We finished the day watching, "Little Lord Fauntleroy" one of my favorite Christmas movies.  A very nice birthday indeed.

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