Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Today's Adventure

I had occasion to visit our assigned doctor today.  He wasn't in until 3.30 so I was instructed to go to the office that was covering for him.  Talk about language mix up.  We were both speaking English, but not communicating.  The lady told me to come to the second floor.  I thought it was at our doctor's office so biked down in the rain only to find everything locked up tight.  Went home and called again, they were going to lunch so could I come back later.  I tried at 3.30, this time she clarified that it was at 53 not 58.  I got to 53, nothing there. I called the office again to find it was 53 on a totally different street!
 I finally made the connection and saw the "nurse" and eventually met the doctor .  This is the entrance to his office.  I wonder what happens if you can't climb stairs.
 And this is the apotek where you pick up perscirptions.  I am now on an antibiotic for a mild infection and will no doubt be cured by morning...I hope so, I'm not up for three trips to the doctor in one day again...

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