Monday, December 29, 2014

Swedish Roots Search

Today was our day to see Sweden and look for the places my great-great grandfather came from.
We took the 20 minute ferry from Helsingør, Denmark  to Helsingborg, Sweden.  We stopped there to look around.  It is much larger than I thought and a fun little city...with a great bakery and free hot chocolate at the place we stopped to ask questions.
We found this old manor house and cloister where the third great grandfather, Pehr Jonsson was stationed. There was never a marriage and I doubt Pehr Pehrson ever knew his father.
Pehr Pehrson lived with his ill mother in Rostanga until she died February 15, 1845
We found the little towns but not much we could positively identify as being 200 years old.
 Billinge, in the same area, was the birthplace of Pernilla Mansson, Pehr's mother and her parents as well.
This old farmhouse may have been around about then.
After his mother's death, Pehr married Christina Jeppason in  Munkarp.
They had 6 children plus Christina's daughter. At least three of them died as children. Pehr and Christina joined the church around 1854-55 and Christina died in 1858.  In 1862 Pehr came to Utah with three children, One, Alfred Pehrson, was my great grandfather.  It was great to see the countryside and area these ancestors were born and raised in. We will go back when it is warmer.,,

We ended our trip in Malmo and enjoyed their lovely Christmas decorations.  Sweden was much more alive with lights than Denmark. Something in almost every window.

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