Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Feeding the Masses

There were 18 at the missionary couples dinner at Knudsen's tonight. Next week they will feed the young missionaries.
   We had ham, which is a favorite.  It is boiled here and then can be baked to warm up again.  It is always so moist.

 Erling, Else and daughter, Lene, put it all together.  I always learn something new about cooking in Denmark from them.  For instance, you can buy your potatoes prepeeled and then cook them yourself or buy them partially cooked and they just need to be warmed up.  It is a good thing as it would take a long time to peel all these potatoes and Danes like their potatoes whole served with sauce/gravy.  We don't see many mashed potatoes here.
Lene took a week's vacation to Egypt.  There are a lot of package, all-inclusive vacations offers here,  sort of like a cruise, but in a resort.

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