Friday, February 5, 2016

German Infusion

Two different groups from Germany came this week.  They both brought youth to be baptized and stayed in the guesthouse.  Today Jim set apart our first German temple workers.  They are Jan and Ann Neuendorf from the Neumunster Stake.  They were workers in the Frankfurt temple, so it was an easy training.  We have 60 other workers that have been approved.  As they come to visit, we will set them apart.  It was nice to have some native German speakers who could also speak English.  We ran half of our sessions in German.

Flag of Germany.svg                  Flag of Sweden.svg

Flag of Denmark.svg               american flag: American flag background

 Our preparation meeting had workers from Germany, Sweden, Denmark and the U.S.  Oh how true the church is and the wonderful blessings for those who come to the temple.!

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