Monday, February 22, 2016

FHE with Kirsten

Kirsten Mielsoe invited Buurs and Eika and Venner Olsen and us for Family Night tonight.  It was so huggelig. Kirsten and her husband Per (now deceased) were some of our missionaries when we were here ten years ago.  She shared some family history stories and pictures and we all shared family history stories. (They shared, I tried to understand. I can at least get the idea most of the time.)
We played a great game: When you roll 6 on a die, you put on the hat, scarf, gloves and have to cut a chocolate bar in pieces with a knife and fork and get it on the fork before you can eat it. If someone gets a 6 they take everything away and start their try.
 Jim got his share of 6s and had enjoyed a mouthful of chocolate,

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