Friday, June 24, 2016

Full Friday

Today was one of the busiest Fridays we have had.  We had two own endowments, a wedding and Charlotte Leit's deceased mother was sealed to her parents, to her living husband and Charlotte was then sealed to her parents. She had all of her children there who acted proxy for various parts. It was a very special night for that family.
 We had a family visit from India.  The father is in the State Department and they brought their son to do baptisms.  Two cute Metcalf sisters stopped as they were beginning their 6 week back packing trip through Europe and a sweet young couple(Helds) who are expecting their first child in two and a half weeks, have spent the whole week here doing almost every session.  She took out her endowments just a few months ago.
 Eric Moline was in the England MTC while we were there.  Madeline is Swedish, so to be impartial, they had Jim do the sealing in English.  It hit 80 degrees here today!
 How wonderful is this native Swedish dress one of the girls wore to the wedding.  I'm pretty sure it is Swedish, but the Norwegians wear theirs for special occasions too.

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