Thursday, June 23, 2016

Skt Hans dag

June 24 is Skt Hans day here in Denmark. Mette Paulsen finally explained the connection with the summer solstice.  Since Christ was born on December 24, they reasoned that John the Baptist was born on June 24, hence St. (Jo)hanes dag. When Christianity came to Denmark, it was a good way to make the pagan celebration of summer solstice a Christian  holiday.

Most people celebrate with bonfires to burn the witches (see June 18 post).  You can see fires all along the beaches. However, tonight there is a raging thunder and lightening storm.  I imagine the fires are struggling.  We were happy to be in the temple.

We celebrated by finally getting new flowers planted.
These pictures were taken at 10.00 pm in the rain, still plenty of light.

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