Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sweet Temple Times

After 30 years of marriage, this great couple made it to the temple.  They have their own unique story.

He is American and she is Danish.  They met here in Denmark when he was in Germany.  They have spent a good deal of their married life apart, one living in Denmark and one in America because of his job.  He still has 6 years until retirement so right now he is in Texas and she is here in Denmark.

Other note-worthy stories (without pictures)  Lars Lundhahl who was diagnosed with a brain tumor a year ago came to the temple tonight.  He looks good and feels good after going through surgery and several chemo treatments which have managed to shrink the tumor.  We have all been praying for him, so we were glad to see him.


Two brothers came from Sweden tonight to attend the last session. (The priesthood quorums in their ward have committed to send priesthood holders every Thursday night to help the single sisters in their ward get their men's names done. )   Every train and bus they had to connect with was late or not in service.  They arrived 5 minutes late, knowing they wouldn't make it.  But in fact, the previous session ran long and they made it just in time.  They were so grateful their two hour trip down wasn't in vain.  Sweet little miracle.

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