Sunday, August 21, 2016

Alborg Visit

We were asked to speak up in Alborg in the Sacrament Meeting today.  We left last night and of course stopped at Langenæs Bakery in Aarhus on the way.
 We can't decide which we like best: the smørkranse or the kanel horns.  So we bought both.

 We stayed with Else and Jan Ladehoff some of our great temple workers.
 Else designs the house, and Jan builds it.  I say designs because they are still adding to it.
The Alborg Chapel is the only one in Denmark that looks like the typical American Meeting House.

The ward has planned a big temple trip for next week.  82 have signed up!  It is always so fun to see our regular patrons and know which ward they belong to.  I do love the people here!

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