Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ny Boder - High Priest Activity

The Frederiksberg High Priests arranged a tour of Ny Boder, the yellor 17th century military housing close to The Kastelet (and The LIttle Mermaid).  Christian IV who built everything, decided that with the advent of new and more complicated ships, there needed to be better trained sailors.  So he built housing for them.  It has been used continuously and is now under historical protection and presently turned into student housing.  However, if you lived here as a sailor, you can die here.

 We went inside one that has been preserved as a museum with decor from the 1800s.  Originally the apartment was 40 sq. meters but when they needed more they just cut the apartment in half and shared the kitchen, so each family had 20 square meters!  (think  20 square yards.)  The older boys used hammocks hung in the attics and the white chest/bench doubled as a bed. Pretty skinny bed.

 Such a dashing group of navy men.
 Afterward, some of us went to lunch at Dalle Valle, a Danish/Italian sort of buffet.

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