Saturday, August 27, 2016

Aalborg's Annual Temple Trip

 Aalborg Ward came for their Second  Annual Temple Outing this weekend.  It was organized by the bishopric ans they brought over 80 people. The 10 Primary children met with Jim in the waiting room for a few minutes and 30 youth  did baptisms Friday and Saturday. They filled the guest house and also rented a school for the weekend., which is a common practice for large groups. They will hold their Sunday meetings there before driving home.  Many families came and they brought many of their own family names.
 We had a special 2.00 session just for the Aalborg group and afterward Lis Løve and Helgi Andersen were sealed.  She is from Aalborg and many of these friends were there.  We are so pleased for them.
It was a great weekend and I'm sure many people on the other side are very happy to have their work done.

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