Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Anothern Wedding, Another Story

This darling couple are from the Philippines. They went to high school together and then lost touch.  He married and divorced and she never married.  She is a good member of the church with half of her family and had never married as she couldn't find anyone in the church.  A little over four  years ago Charles, who lives and works in Denmark, looked her up on Facebook and started calling her - every day,  no Skype, yes it cost a fortune.  She was busy finishing her 3rd Masters's Degree.  They are both 37. Mary introduced Charles to the church via phone and finally Skype and he was baptized four years ago,  They have been waiting for the papers so she could come and they could marry.  The bishop and Stake President and two other friends plus Jim and I were the only guests at the sealing.  They had 5 or 6  guests waiting outside.
     Mary's mother died when Mary was 12.  She said she has prayed frequently that her mother would come and visit her.  Just a few nights ago she came in a dream and hugged her daughter.  I passed on a physical one from her today.  It was a very sweet experience.

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