Saturday, January 18, 2014

High Priest Party

 Tonight we went to the ward High Priest Party.  They had invited most of the senior missionary couples as well.  We all put in about $20 and had a traditional New Year's Celebration Sorebrod menu.
     You start with the fish
 Move on to the meats and accompaniments
 And then to the cheese and fruits
We finished with chocolates, clementiners and hot chocolate being passed around andplaying  a fun game with small gifts we had each brought.  You put all the gifts in the middle of the table and pass dice around.  Everytime a 6 is rolled you take a gift.  When the gifts are all gone, you set the timer and continue trying to get 6.  YOu can take as many gifts as you get 6s.  It was a fun game to mix things up.  A very nice evening/

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