Thursday, January 2, 2014

Decorations Down

It is always a little sad to take the Holiday Decorations down. We miss the red and everything seems so mundane.  I had only 2 small boxes plus the permanently decorated tree to store. It was a pretty slick job.
    In Sweden many don't take their decorations down until the 13th of January, St. Knut's Day." In families with children, it's common to have a "julgransplundring" ("plundering of the tree" party). The children get to eat the candy which was used for decorating the tree, but nowadays they usually get little bags with candy instead.."    
                 These were some of the great decorations in the houses we visited there.
 They often hang special curtains for the holidays.  Everyone uses lots of candles.  I'm surprised there are not more fires.

 This little family of Julemen were living in the heart of the Christmas Tree.
I saw very few Nativity Sets except in members homes.  This cute one is made out of boiled wool.
 In the picture below.  The red picture on the back is Christmas and was rescued from ancestors belongings.  Note how they all tape up their Christmas Cards as part of the decorations. The decorations on the trees are fairly sparse.  It has been so delightful to get a  glimpse of others' traditions and decor.

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