Saturday, January 4, 2014

Such An Interesting story

One of the best parts of serving in the temple is meeting  people and hearing their stories.  Today Jim sealed a lovely couple.  She is Danish and he is from Australia.  They met on the internet while playing a Lord of the Rings game.  The girl had submitted her mission papers and suggested she teach Benjamin the lessons so she could practice since he knew nothing about the church.  He shortly thereafter invited her to Australia for two weeks...You can imagine her parents' trepidation especially since he had three children from a previous marriage and was 13 years older.  After two weeks, they decided there was something there and he would plan to wait for her. L receives  Her mission call to her dream mission: Temple Square but with the departure date 6 months away because of visas.  In order to earn some money, Ben in Australia offered to have her come and nanny his children and he would pay her.  During the first visit they hooked up with the missionaries. After 6 months.Ben was baptized the day before L came home to prepare for her mission.  She cried all the way through her farewell talk.  The bishop talked to her afterward and explained that you can't go into anything half-hearted and that the Lord would be happy with whichever decision she made, mission or marriage and being a mother to the three children she had come to love and worry about.  They were married by the bishop in Australia just over a year ago.  Today they came to be sealed and her family was able to attend this wedding. They couldn't afford to fly to the first one.
This is a great young man and you can feel his spirit.  Again, we see how involved the Lord is our individual lives and how he makes things work for the building up of the kingdom.  This young man is going to be a great strength in Perth.

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