Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Bazaar

 Just a block from our apartment is the Norrebro Bazaar. It is behind the main buildings and at first seems a little scary.  However, I now feel quite comfortable there.  It has the most wonderful, fresh fruits and vegetables - varieties and products  I have never seen.  If you hit it right, you can get some great deals on produce they are clearing out.

 The candy aisle has products from all over Europe and the Middle East.  Only place I know to buy Wrigley's gum but M and M's are am expensive staple in most stores.
 The Bazaar is owned and run by Middle Easterners and and carries many products for that culture.  There is a huge meat counter, no pork.  This is the pasta, bean and grain aisle.  So many things I wonder how they are cooked and eaten.

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