Sunday, March 1, 2015

Aarhus Stake Conference

 It was Aarhus Stake Conference this weekend.  We had to leave the temple early in order to make the four hour drive to the Saturday night session where we were invited to speak.  I was the first speaker and gave it in Danish.  I have practiced all week and I think by and large they understood most of it.  At least they laughed in the right places and people were very kind in their remarks afterward.  I think they were impressed with the try in Danish but I don't know how much of the content they remembered.
 Annelise was my translator 10 years ago.  Last night she sat behind Sis. Sederholm (Mission President's wife) and me and translated the other speakers.  I can understand Jim's Danish. but not too many others.  She is excellent.

Today we met in the Music Hall.  A lovely facility right next to our hotel..

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