Sunday, March 29, 2015

Danish Snacks

I took this picture at church today of the snacks they bring for their children.
As you can see there are carrots, cucumber and also apple slices.  The Danes are very healthy snackers.  I seldom see anyone eating a candy bar, It will usually be fruit or vegetables.  
  I grew up in Sanpete County in Utah and when I told people that was my home, they often said "Oh, you are a carrot-eater."  That never made sense to me until I came to Denmark and realized that all those Danes that lived in Sanpete were by heritage, carrot-eaters and still are today.  I have never tasted such sweet carrots and they are often put out along with the chocolate and nuts for snacks.

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  1. Also, that keeps the church cleaner than crackers or fruit snacks that crush or get smooched in the ground. We take cut up apples for Macey too. This is awesome.