Friday, March 13, 2015

More Church History

Erastus Snow, John Erik Forsgre and George Dykes were the first missionaries to Denmark.  They arrived in the summer of 1850 and held their first meeting in the house of Peter Beckstrom  who lived on Kongensgade in the middle of Copenhagen.

 As the congregation grew they moved to the second (called the first in Denmark) floor of this building.
 The four missionaries, they had now acquired an interpreter, met in this building with a Baptist Congregation and found fruitful ground for converts.Soon a branch was organized.  They soon grew out of this space and moved to this building in Christianshavn.

It is located right across the street from Vor Frelsers Kirke, the church with the outside steps up the tower.  It is here that Erastus Snow managed to chase out the hecklers and ruffians that came to disrupt the meeting.

In 1880 the Danish Government was asked to deport any Mormon Preachers as a backlash against Polygomy in Utah.  The missionaries were brought to the jail in the background, crossed the Bridge of Sighs into the courthouse where they were sentenced and banished.  Then back to prison until they were escorted down to a boat.

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