Sunday, March 8, 2015


With Tom's passing we have tried to keep in contact with our family in Utah.  As it happened our internet went out and we ended up going to other apartments in the building to connect.  We are so lost without our internet!  We have a great brother, Benjamin Andersen, in the ward who came over this afternoon and got us back on line,,,He unplugged the power and plugged it in again. Really! Next time we will be so much smarter.  He also fixed a couple of other technology problems and we are most grateful.    

We spoke at the Amager Branch Danish.  The Relief Society teacher, Christine, used this big screen TV for her lesson. There is so much one can to with technology, not me, but someone.



 The Relief Society President (sitting down) has a great story.  She met a man on an LDS singles site. His wife had left him with two girls 10 and 7 for an 18 year old boyfriend. Since he was a pilot he didn't feel limited  by geography and connected with this lovely lady with two little girls in  Denmark.  They are married now and he works as a pilot in China, 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off.  Again, amazing how the Lord works in people's lives!



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